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Tell Us Your Story Winner – Carol Uridil

Special thanks to Carol and all those who entered the Grand Haven Lighthouse Conservancy – Tell Us Your Story Contest.  This contest was held to learn more about how the Grand Haven Lighthouses played a role in the lives of area residents and visitors.

Read Carol’s story below.

Carol & Joe Uridil - Photos submitted by C. Uridil

Carol and Joe Uridil @ Grand Haven Lighthouse – Photo submitted by C. Uridil

The Grand Haven Lighthouses and pier are places of enjoyment and wonder. On the pier many fishermen caught the fish that they needed. The pier is also a place of solace and reflection for those seeking inspiration and direction – just like the lighthouse’s lamp.

I made many frequent treks to the pier beginning in childhood. I ventured to experience the beauty of the lighthouse throughout the various seasons and times of day. The view was never the same, but always majestic – sunset, storm or fog – even when the lighthouse and pier were barely visible. I also came to the lighthouse and pier to talk with God. I spent many hours there, sometimes until the waves or storms drove me back home. Sitting on the pier by the big red lighthouse was my favorite place for reflection. My home continues to be a museum of Grand Haven lighthouse photos, paintings and memorabilia. The pier and lighthouse are both historical and personal treasures.

The lighthouse is awesome, enlightening and inspiring in so many ways. I can understand why so many hometown people and travelers alike are drawn there in all seasons to experience the sights, sounds and sensations to fit any and all of life’s moods.

The pier’s beauty, the lighthouses’ direction and God’s strength led me to go forth. The lighthouses and pier must stand and beam forth forever! I hope that others can find them a place where they can find joy, beauty and inspiration as well as guidance.

Congratulations to Carol for the winning story!