360 Live Cam

In 2024, a 360-live cam was installed on the Inner Light with a donation to the Grand Haven Lighthouse Conservancy.

Here is what you may see by watching the NEW Grand Haven Lighthouse Conservancy live cam:

  • Sunsets | Sunrises: sunsets can be viewed to the west and sunrises to the east.
  • Storms: crashing waves, lighting dancing across the sky, blowing snow and interesting ice formations – all make for a stunning experience especially when enjoyed from a safe place.
  • People Watching: witness anglers pulling in the catch of the day or see if the pier is open to pedestrians (when weather and water conditions are dangerous public safety will temporarily close access to the pier).
  • Ships: watch the big freighters making port deliveries, charter captains headed out for the day or recreational boaters parading in and out of the Grand River channel.
  • History: maybe you just want to experience what it might have been like back in the early 1900’s when the lights were occupied by lighthouse keepers.

Before or after enjoying the 360-live cam, please consider donating to the continued preservation and rehabilitation of the lighthouses.  Please click on the “Donate Now” link to give a tax-deductible contribution via the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation.

Click on the picture below for LIVE viewing – enjoy!!!